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Blue Mountain State: The Movie


Blue Mountain State, the show created by Eric Falconer and Chris “Romanski” Romano that stages the debauchery of the best team of american college championship, is starting out on Kickstarter to turn it into a movie.

Indeed, the information started to spread on Twitter and Instagram on the 4th march when Page Kennedy, aka Radon Randell, in the company of Darin Brooks, Kelly Kruger (Julia King), Alan Ritchson, Sam Jones III, Frankie Shaw and Romanski, have inted the return of BMS.

This was sufficient to remember the Mountain Goats’s journey driven by football, sexe, drugs, parties and binge drinking. Kelly Kruger, one of the actress you can also see in Castle, Bones and Entourage, accepted to answer some of our questions.

Hi Kelly, so tell us, since when Eric Falconer and Romanski work on this project?
I think they have always had the plan to do it. The show got cancelled so abruptly and I think it made everyone (fans and everyone who was a part of the show) feel like we kind of got ripped off and never got to see how it all turns out for these guys. They never had their senior year. Since being cancelled, the show has built such a huge following through netflix and hulu that they realized it was now possible to make it happen with everyones help.

Will that be the occasion to see you act again with Darin?
Yes it will be. The script isn't done yet so I'm not sure to what extent and what my role will be, but it will definitely be the chance to see us in the same movie. We have a few other things in the works as well. Another movie we will be starring in together that will likely begin filming early next year.

In the Kickstarter video, we can see a lot of faces from the BMS team, can we expect to see new faces?
I am sure we will definitely see some new faces, But I know it's really important to Eric Falconer and Romanski to bring back cast members who were on the series that the fans know and love.

A few lucky ones will get a role thanks to their contribution on Kickstarter, that’s original. We’d like to know your point of view on the crowdfunding and the way it can get a project off the ground?
I do think crowdfunding is really effective in getting a project off the ground. It is so incredible to see the dedication of the fans. It makes the fans feel like they are really a part of it and its really special to them and to all the people involved. I think its a great way to make things happen and there are so many perks, I think it is really appealing to people. So far BMS kickstarter has raised close to $400,000 in just 2 days! I think with social media today, it is such a fun, effective way to get a project up and running for sure. But you definitely need the fan base and the right people to bring awareness.

Among the cool compensations, we have the possibility to be present on the filming or to have a customised Vine video. Alan Ritchson (Thad Castle) didn’t want to auction his pocket pussy?

I'm sure the pocket pussy can be made available for the right price..Let's face it, it is a very rare, special pocket pussy. hahaha

I read you count on acting in Montreal this summer, where do you think it will take place? On the Alouettes stadium?
They filmed the series on the John Abbott campus, so I'm sure it will be there as well for the movie.

Last question: the university lasts four years, we were at the third season, is the movie a way to close the loop?

Yes absolutely. It is a way to tie up loose ends and go on one last journey with these amazing, unique, hilarious guys everyone loves so much!!

Go goats !


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