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Last October, Sego released its Wicket Youth EP at Kitsune. Then, the French/Japanese label included them on their latest compilation Kitsune Maison 16 - Sweet 16. Emerging from their native Utah, Thomas and Spencer are now living in Los Angeles with Swimm and recently played with La Femme. We wanted to know a bit more about the members of the group and their new life. Spencer was kind enough to answer our questions.

To start, a question that you must have answered a lot: explain us where does the name "Sego" comes from? Is it related to the ghost city in Utah?
I see you've done your research. Besides being a ghost town with very interesting petroglyphs, the word Sego is derived from the state flower of Utah. Some home town significance.

How is it like growing up in Utah? How did you guys meet and how did you start to make music?

For me, Utah was kind of the ideal way to grow up. Unlimited exposure to all sorts of amazing landscapes within 5 minutes of my house while living in an unlocked door community. Thomas and I met while playing in separate bands in the Provo music scene. We've been touring together in several different bands ever since.

Now you guys live in LA. What are the biggest lifestyle differences between the life you had in Utah and the one you have now?
Trade pine trees for palm trees and snow boots for bikinis. We really loved it in Provo for pretty much the opposite reasons that we now love it in Los Angeles.

Between rock and synth pop, your style is really refreshing. What bands have influenced your productions?
I, honestly, feel that we're a grand culmination of our influences musical and not. Since this project is quite personal, it's hard to decipher distinct influences. As far as production styles, I really like Terry Riley's synth compositions and a lot of the dry guitars/vocals in the late 70s like with Gang of Four.

We’ve seen you in a very creative and psychedelic visual universe, like in "Wicket Youth" with your melting artworks and in “False Currency” where your lyrics are displayed on a notebook. Where does that come from?
We've now worked with director, Andrew William Ralph, on two videos ("20 Years Tall" and "Wicket Youth"). He really did a good job capturing the loose energy that is prevalent in a lot of our tunes. He's amazing. There's nothing slick about our music, so I figure scribbling in a notebook conveys that alright. Besides, Tom and I aren't much more than doodlers so we were drawing at our limit in that "False Currency" video.

This visual identity sticks really well with your label, Kitsuné. How this record label & brand is perceived on your side of the Atlantic?
"Oh those hip guys from France/Tokyo that put on all those cool parties?"

You’ve played on the 23rd of October at Echoplex where the french band La Femme was playing as well. What did you think of the french scene? Is there any particular artists you fancy?
Love those La Femme kids. It was funny. All they have to do is sway back and forth and glance at the crowd from time to time and the crowd goes wild. While I was living in France, it's hard to miss Johnny Hallyday. I think I still have a black sweatshirt with his face and an eagle or something on it. I like the laid back vocals in french bands. Kind of like Serge Gainsbourg on “Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus”. As far as more modern, I do like the Melody's Echo Chamber, Air, Ulan Bator, and Granville.

What are you listening to these days?
I end up listening to friends bands or bands we play with more than not. Then random old jams. Here are the last 5 bands I listened to on my computer: Django Reinhardt, Digital Underground, Mathematics Et Cetera, Book On Tapeworm, Girl Band.

SWIMM was talking about you guys in his interview for Kanard, do you have a message for them?
We actually all live together in our warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. So my message would be, "Hey guys. Sorry for leaving the wok out again."

To close this interview, we can hear you say "moi j'y connais pas" in “False Currency”. Which other word or expression do you like to pronounce in french?
Il n'y a plus des phrases françaises dans mes chants à l'instant, mais j'aime bien l'expression idiomatique "Ça fait une belle lurette." (Editor's note: answered in french)

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Photo credits (cover picture): Eric Overton

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